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Four Centrifugal Slurry Pump Types

Sep. 19, 2022

Slurry pumps are popular for their robust construction and their ability to work in tough conditions. The process industry uses mainly centrifugal pumps with a slurry to other pumping liquids ratio of nearly 5:95. However, if you look at the running costs of these pumps you will see that this ratio is almost reversed 80:20, which explains the widespread popularity of slurry pumps.


Introduction to slurry pumps

A slurry pump is a unique type of pump for handling slurries. In contrast to water pumps, slurry pumps are of heavy duty construction and undergo more wear and tear. Technically speaking, slurry pumps are heavy duty and robust versions of centrifugal pumps with the ability to handle abrasive and tough tasks. Compared to other pumps, slurry pumps are much simpler in design and construction. Despite their simple slurry pump design, slurry pumps offer high durability and strength in harsh conditions. These forms of pumps play a vital role in various industries. They are the basis for all wet processes.


What is slurry?

In principle, it is possible to hydraulically convey any solid. However, particle size and shape can be limiting factors, depending on whether they can pass through the pump pipe without causing blockages. Under the broad category of slurries, there are 4 broad classifications to help you identify the right type of slurry pump for your needs and to meet the demands of your business.


Ceramic Slurry Pump

 Ceramic Slurry Pump     

Type 1.

Mildly abrasive

Type 2.

Slightly abrasive

Type 3.

Significantly more wear resistant

Type 4.

Highly abrasive


If you want to transfer highly abrasive Type 4 slurries, the ideal choice is an oil sand pump. The ability to handle large volumes of slurry and their enhanced resistance are the strengths of slurry pumps. They are specifically designed for the hydraulic transfer of large solids and ensure better wear resistance in harsh conditions.


Four centrifugal slurry pump types

Although centrifugal slurry pumps are well known for their use in the oil sands, many of them have other uses as well.

SIC Ceramic Slurry Pump Parts

SIC Ceramic Slurry Pump Parts


- Hydrotransport pumps are used for a large number of applications as mobile slurries are hydrotransported. The ideal way to use these slurry pumps is to use water-based solutions. They are mainly used in industries where dredging is required.

Tailings transfer

- Tailings transfer pumps are ideal for transferring tailings or finer abrasive materials from hard rock mining, such as slurries and ore fragments, as well as the associated chemicals used in the mining process.

Cyclone feed

- Cyclone feed pumps, such as tailings pumps, are also used in hard rock mining and are comparable to hydraulic transfer pumps as they are also used in dredging operations. These forms of pumps are used in all stages of debarking and separating solids according to particle size.

Flotation froth

- Slurry pumps can also be used to transfer froth, but the air in the froth can negatively affect the performance of the pump. Despite the robust construction of slurry pumps, the air contained in the foam can damage the pump and shorten its service life. However, pump wear can be reduced by taking appropriate precautions with centrifugal pumps.


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