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How To Choose Slurry Pump Material?

Oct. 25, 2021
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Yi Jia - Manufacturer of Ceramic Slurry Pump

Yi Jia - Manufacturer of Ceramic Slurry Pump 

Slurry pumps are centrifugal pumps that transport slurries containing solid particles. Therefore good wear resistance is generally required. In many cases, the slurry conveyed contains not only solid particles but also corrosive substances. When selecting the material for slurry pumps, it is important to determine the characteristics of the slurry.

For example, nitrates, sulphuric acid and strong alkalis are very corrosive. So the corrosion resistance of the material is more important than the wear resistance.


How to choose slurry pump material?

1. Light acid and alkali slurry with sharp-edged particles: A05, A07.

2. Acid and alkali slurry without sharp and large particles: R55 rubber material

3. Strong acid and weak alkali multi-particle slurry: A49, Cr30, common power plant desulphurisation industry.

4. Strong acid and strong alkali but not high temperature, with certain abrasive slurry: EPDM, Hypalon.


5. Strong acid and strong alkali strong abrasive high temperature high slurry: stainless steel.

6. Super strong acid strong alkali strong abrasive high temperature high pulp: ceramic.


After choosing the slurry pump material, it is equally important to choose the ceramic slurry pump spare parts material.


Ceramic Slurry Pump Spare Parts impeller

Ceramic slurry pump impellers are made of silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide material and are mainly used for wear and corrosion resistant working applications. Slurry pump manufacturer of high quality ceramic impeller and bushing replacement parts for slurry pumps, which are 100% interchangeable.


Ceramic impellers for slurry pumps have many excellent properties such as wear and corrosion resistance and are now being supplied as components for coal power generation, non-ferrous casting and mining industries.


The corrosion and wear resistance of ceramic slurry pump components far exceeds that of components made of high chrome alloys. the wear resistance of Si3N4-SiC material is 3.5 times greater than the wear resistance of Cr15Mo3 (A07). The weight of the Si3N4-SiC material is only 1/3 of the weight of the high chrome alloy slurry pump parts.

Ceramic Slurry Pump Spare Parts impeller 

Ceramic Slurry Pump Spare Parts impeller

In terms of wear resistance, the metals are simply a compromise between conflicting requirements. Only corrosion without wear can also be used with Hastelloy. Only wear is the same. Ni-hard or similar materials can be used for wear in neutral media. Ceramic slurry pump impellers are cast in high-grade ceramic, which covers corrosion and wear perfectly. This can be very beneficial if solids are used in combination with non-neutral slurries, leaching liquids or acids (pH 0-12).


Yijia Slurry pump parts have excellent chemical stability, super acid resistance, suitable for a variety of pH 0-12 acid and alkali (except hydrofluoric acid) and solvents, strong oxidation resistance.


Yijia SIC ceramic slurry pump parts impeller has resistance to high concentration and a certain concentration of large particles of impact, some products can be challenge coarse grinding stage.


SIC ceramic slurry pump parts impellers have excellent resistance to high temperatures and thermal shock.Ceramic slurry pump impellers have low density, light weight parts and high efficiency.

SIC Ceramic Slurry Pump Parts

SIC Ceramic Slurry Pump Parts     

Why Choose Yijia ceramic slurry pump spare parts? 

1. Yijia Ceramic slurry pump spare parts, long life, high efficiency. It can reduce the operation cost of slurry pump for the mine customers.High efficiency can save electricity, long service life, can greatly reduce the consumption of spare parts. The average cost saving for customers is more than 30%.


2. The production line of ceramic pump has little pollution emission, and its average service life is more than 5 times of that of high chromium metal material, which can effectively replace the traditional high chromium metal casting parts. Greatly reduce the emissions of casting pollutants, and make contributions to improve the environment.


When you contact us, please provide your detail requirements. That will help us give you a valid quotation.

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